Tarmac Cleaning + Re-colouring

Tarmac surfaces have been in use for over 100 years and the product is still in big demand as an effective material for driveways and commercial parking areas throughout the world. This is just as true in our locality in the North East of England.

The surface if laid in accordance with recognised installation techniques is a long lasting material retaining a depth of colour for a good few years after being installed.

After a period of time the surface starts to loose that depth of colour as the suns UV rays work on the surface and slowly and consistently erode the acrylics and initiate a cycle of colour fade, fragmentation and chippings becoming displaced.

The surface with its high concentration of commercial use seems to attract significant oil leaks that look unsightly and can make the site slippery and generally unappealing to visitors.

Prodrive North East can pressure wash clean any tarmac surface with pretreatment applications to remove ingrained moss, algae and weed growth. We can also treat with a bio-degradable oil removing agent any diesel and oil stains that will neutralise and remove as much of the oil as possible before conducting a full clean.

Pressure washing any tarmacadam surface needs to be carried out with care and consideration as the use of a full power pressure clean can accelerate the break up of any fragmenting areas. We will after a site survey be fuly aware of what areas need a reduced water flow but still maintain the effectiveness of cleaning with our rotary headed cleaner.

Once the site is clean and dry any repairs can be carried out repairing any cracks and patches that need removing and relaying.

The surface is now ready for the application of Tarmaseal™ a superb product from Smartseal that not only reintroduces a great depth of colour it is absorbed into the surface reintroducing the resins that have long dried out therefore reducing the risk of chipping displacement and extending the lifespan of your tarmac driveway.

Please view our tarmac restoration gallery by clicking HERE

For commercial operations why not transform your tired parking area making it look much more appealing to visitors to your pub, club, hotel, or out of town shopping area. Prodrive North East can provide a FREE no obligation service for any tarmac site that needs cleaning and re-colouring please call us on 0191 4884691 or 07860105915 or click HERE to complete our on line enquiry form.


Tarmac Cleaning + Re-colouring image
Tarmac Cleaning + Re-colouring image
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